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Family Stories

You can read some of the Ylönen family stories on this page. Some of them have been published in the Ylönen Family Newsletters sent to members of the family associateion. If you want to share your story with others, please contact the secretary of Ylönen Family Association.

The Start of the Family Society

Martti Kauppinen is responsible for the start of the Ylönen Family Society in the 1980'ies.
Martti Kauppinen started the Ylönen Family Association

Relatives in Mexico

Email from far away relatives in Mexico: Silvia López Lira sent a story of her family journey from Vyborg in Finland via USA to Mexico.
Margo Lira Ylonen from Mexico

Leave Home for America

Why so many young men left their homes and sailed to America in the beginning of 1900'ies?
Ylönen move to America

Toivo Puro letter

In 2011 the Ylönen Family letter had a story on Elviira Ylönen descendants. The family association received a letter from her son, Toivo Puro. This letter was read at the Family Reunion in Pieksämäki.
Greetings from America by Toivo Puro.
Man who gave land to get 1 $ from the federal government

Brian Närhi

Brian Närhi tells his connection to the Ylönen Family
Ylönen family in Canada

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