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Ylönen Family Books

You can order the Ylönen family books from:

Mr. Seppo Ylönen
Kangasniementie 1511
77240 Halkokumpu
phone +358 40 821 6973 (you know what to change here)

Three Books Published

Mr. Jarmo Ahlstrand has made the genealogical research on Ylönen. He is Ylönen on his mothers side.
All the books are in Finnish language.

Ylönen Family Association has the following books with details of Ylönen descendents:
Ylönen Family Book I price: 32.50 €
- published in 1994, details on 4750 people born as Ylönen, where they lived and how they are connected to the family tree
Ylönen Family Book II price: 20.00 €
- published in 2004, includes stories of families 1-546
Ylönen Family Book III price: 10.00 €
- published in 2007, includes stories of families 547-1035
All three family books total of: 60.00 €

Ylönen family table standard, price 30.00 €

Ylönen family books
Family books and the table standard

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