Ylösten suku

Ylönen Family Association

Founded in in 1987 in Hankasalmi, Finland, the Ylönen Family Association promotes the knowledge and history of the Ylönen Family and its descendants. Membership is open to anyone over 18 years of age with the surename of Ylönen, if your father or mother has Ylönen surename or grandparents were Ylönen, or if you are married to someone named Ylönen.

In 2020, Ylönen Family Association had more than 200 members and about 30 of them living abroad. However, there are more than 3000 Ylönens in Finland today. Most of them have Jussi Ylönen (Johan Ylöin) as their ancestor. Jussi was born ca. 1470. Mr. Jarmo Ahlstrand has made genealogical research work on Ylönens and three Family Books have been published so far.

Every three years everyone is invited to enjoy a reunion where friendships are renewed; and new family connections are discovered. In 2022, two families from the USA met their relatives at the Ylönen Family Reunion in Mikkeli.

The next family reunion will be in Kangasniemi, Finland in 2025. Details will be informed later.

Ylönens had their first family reunion in Hankasalmi, Finland in 1988. It was a big success. Same festival location also in 2013.

Family reunion in Hankasalmi
The first family reunion in Hankasalmi 1988
Family festival

Ylönen standard has red capital Y as a family sign.
Ylönen standard

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